Guide Dogs

Two men go for a run with their dogs.
They jog around the park for nearly an hour before one of the guys asks his friend if he wants to get a drink. The other guy says yes, so they jog to a small pub not far from the park. Unfortunately, there is a “no dogs” sign posted on the door.
“Don’t worry,” one of the guys says, “follow my lead.”
He walks into the pub and one of the waiters says, “sorry sir, no dogs allowed.”
“This is my sight dog. I’m blind.” He rummages through his bag, “I should have his certification somewhere.”
“No worries sir, we believe you. You and your shepherd can go inside.”
So, he sits down at a table and waits for the other guy to enter. The waiter says the same thing to him. “Sorry sir. No dogs allowed.”
“This is my guide dog. I’m blind,” he echoes his friend.
“This is your guide dog?”
“Your guide dog is a chihuahua?”
“What?!” the guy cries out, “they gave me a chihuahua?!”

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