Only three Legs

A man decides to visit his friend who lives on a farm, and while they’re having a beer on the porch, a pig with only three legs walks by. So he asks his friend, “Why does that pig only have three legs?”
The farmer gets excited and says, “That pig? Oh, let me tell you about that pig. Such a wonderful pig. One day I was driving my tractor through the field and my two children were playing in it. I didn’t see them and I was about to run over them, but then that pig runs across the field and drags them out of the way.”
The man says, “Wow, that really is amazing. But why does it only have three legs?”
“Oh, but you haven’t heard all of it. One day my little daughter fell into the well while nobody was home. The pig came running and lowered the bucket down so she could climb into it, and he pulled her right back up.”
The man is very impressed with this pig, but still insists, “But why does it only have three legs?”
The farmer looks at him with a surprised look on his face and says, “Well, it’s such a wonderful pig you can’t eat it all at once!”

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