Three Neighbors

A woman lives in an apartment with three neighbors on her floor
One night while taking a shower, the door bell rings.
She puts on a towel, gets out, and looks through the door’s peephole.
It’s her neighbor who’s a fireman. She opens the door.
“Hey, Just wanted to let you know I put out my first fire!” he exclaims.
“Congratulations!” She says, and closes the door. She gets back in the shower.
Door bell rings again. Annoyed, she gets out with a towel and looks through the peephole.
It’s her other neighbor who’s a policeman. She opens the door.
“Just wanted to let you know I arrested my first guy!” he says.
“Congratulations.” She mutters, closing the door.
Getting back into the shower a 3rd time, the door bell rings again.
Going back and looking through the peephole, she sees it’s her neighbor who’s blind.
Not bothering to wear a towel, she answers the door.
“Hey, just wanted to let you know I got my eyesight back!” he says.

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