Old Man in the Park

A man walking his dog comes across an old man sat on a park bench sobbing.
He walks up to him out of concern, and says “Is everything OK?”.
The old man says “Well not really”.
“What’s wrong?” says the man?
“Well a couple of weeks ago, I married this 30 year old exotic dancer. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Every morning, she wakes me up with a cup of a tea and a blow job, then she cooks me a fantastic breakfast.”
“Well that doesn’t sound so bad”, says the man, “what are you upset about?”.
“Well I lay in bed and watch the TV, read the paper and pick some horses, and then she goes down the bookie to put my bets on while I shower and go downstairs. Then she cooks me a fabulous lunch, and after that we have sex in all these amazing positions that I’d never even imagined before.”
“But I don’t understand”, says the man, “why are you upset?”.
The old man continues: “Well I watch a bit of telly in the afternoon and then she cooks me an amazing dinner. After that she puts on her best lingerie, and then we make love again all evening until I doze off.”

“OH COME ON!” says the man. “How can you be upset about that?”

The old man looks at him and says “I can’t remember where I live”.

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