A Sign from God

Three murderers are on death row. The day rolls around for their execution. The first man sits in the electric chair and the priest says…
“Any last words?” The murderer exclaims “I’m innocent!” They pull the handle, but nothing happens. The electricity doesn’t run. The priest, astonished, says “that’s a 1 in a million chance, it must be a sign from god. you have be telling the truth.” And the first murderer is free to go.

The second murderer comes in and sits in the chair, and once again the priest asks “any last words?” And the murderer, bound tightly, desperately yells “I’m innocent!” They pull the switch, and once again nothing happens. The priest, clutching his chest at the miracle unfolding before him, cries out “2 failures of the electric chair in a row, it is unprecedented! God must be sending another sign. You too are innocent!” And the second murderer walked free.

The third murderer comes into the execution chamber and he too sits down in the electric chair. The priest, now a broken record, asks “any last words?” The third murderer looks around the room, and says “yeah, I think that the cord is unplugged over there.”

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