Condor for Lunch

A group of bird watchers is out in the woods and sees a wild condor flying in the sky. Everybody is elbowing each other, pointing at the bird and focusing their binoculars. Right about then… a loud gun shot is heard and the bird falls out of the sky. The bird watchers all go running to where the bird fell and find that a disheveled man has already plucked the bird and is getting ready to roast him on a spit. Of course, the bird watchers take him in and press charges. The judge informs him of the serous nature of having killed a bird that’s on the endangered species list and asks if he has anything to say before sentencing. The man tells the judge that he had been separated from his hunting party for several days, was lost in the woods, and might have starved if he didn’t shoot the wild condor. The judge listens to his story and sets him free based on the premise that he was just doing what he had to do to survive. As the man was leaving the courthouse he was confronted by a group of reporters and one shouted out “What did it taste like?” The man hesitated for a bit and then said “Well, it was kind of a cross between a spotted owl and a bald eagle.”

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