Hot Air Balloon

3 men are on a hot air balloon but it’s losing altitude. They need to get rid of things quickly.

The first man grabs some planks of wood and throws them off the side of the balloon.

The second man throws 3 heavy rocks off of the balloon.

The last man drops a bomb off the side.
The balloon is no longer falling, but flying through the air.

However, on the ground a police officer finds a man crying on the street.

He runs up to him and asks him why he is crying. The man responds:

“Well I was just walking when some planks of wood fell from the sky and hit me on the head”

Further up the road the policeman sees another person crying. When he asked the person what was wrong they responded:

“I was going to get lunch when these heavy rocks fell and hit me hard on the foot”

Finally, the policeman sees someone laughing hysterically. He asks him why he is laughing and he says:

“Well I farted and the building behind me exploded!”

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