Train Tickets

3 Irishmen and 3 Englishmen are buying train tickets.
The Englishmen all buy a seperate ticket, 3 in total. The Irishmen however buy only one ticket for the three of them.
One of the Englishmen asks: “Won’t you guys get thrown off the train?”
“You’ll see,” say the Irish.
After riding the train for half an hour, the six men see the conductor coming into the back of their train car.
While the 3 Englishmen all reach for their ticket, the Irishmen stand up and all proceed to the toilets, where the 3 of them enter a cabin. After checking the english men, the conductor walks to the toilet and knocks. After s few seconds, a ticket is shoved from under the toilet door, the conductor checks it, shoves it back and proceeds to the next train car.
The next day, the same 6 men are buying tickets. This time, the English men buy only 1. However, the Irish don’t buy a ticket at all.
Again after about half an hour, the conductor enters the car. The english men proceed to the toilets, but the Irish remain seated. After the english men entered a toilet, the Irish stand up and also walk to the toilets.
There, 2 of the irish enter the second toilet cabin, but before the 3rd irish man joins them, he walks to the cabin with the english in it, knocks on the door and says: “Conductor here, ticket please.”

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