Police Station Shut Down

A police station was about to be defunded because they could never solve a single crime.
The police chief in desperation hired a quality assurance officer to check what was wrong.
The QA officer proposed that if the chief’s detectives can solve all murders committed by him, then he will write a blazing report to the commissioner and save all their jobs. The chief accepted.
A few weeks went by and murder after murder was successfully solved and lead back to the QA officer. The chief was happy and the report was ready to be sent to the commissioner showing all their solved cases.
One day, chief got a call that he and all the officers were fired because the QA officer had recommended the station to be shut down.
Enraged the police chief yelled at the QA officer saying, “We passed your test! I expected a great report!” The QA office said, “Yes, you solved the murders but you seem to have a hole in your hiring practices. I am a serial killer.”

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