Cold in Hell

A man from Baltimore dies and goes to hell. He had been a bad man his entire life and therefore the devil made sure to give him extra work in the hottest fiery pit of hell. After a week goes by, the devil stops by to see how miserable the man is, but instead finds the man happily going about his work. He asks the man:
“Why are you so damn happy? Shouldn’t this be miserable for you?”
The man replies “This isn’t any worse than May in Baltimore. I’m used to this.”
The devil, enraged that his attempt to punish the man were for naught, decided to increase the temperature. Another week goes by, and he checks in again, only to find the guy merrily whistling while tending a garden. The Devil again asks him.
“Why are you so damn happy? It’s hotter than hell in here.”
The guy again replies “Summer in Baltimore is much worse. This is nothing.”
The devil tries a different tactic, lowers the temperature to just above freezing and makes it rain. Still the guy doesn’t seem fazed. Finally, he lowers the temperature to about 15 degree Fahrenheit. Suddenly, the guy starts jumping for joy.
The devil asks “Why are you celebrating, it’s colder than hell in here?”
The man replies “Hell has frozen over, the Orioles have won the World Series!”

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