Who has seen the Ghost?

In a small rural town rumors start to spread that people are seeing ghosts, so the new and inexperienced priest hears about these rumors and decides to call a town meeting to get to the bottom of these rumors. After everyone arrives the priest then starts the meeting with a question: “Who here has seen a ghost?” Everyone puts their hands up. “Alright, who here has talked with a ghost?” Half the people there put their hands up. “Who here has touched a ghost?” Five people raise their hands. The priest raises an eyebrow. “Who here has had intercourse with a ghost?” The whole congregation is shocked that the priest would ask that, but one person in the very back of the church, raises his hand. The priest is shocked, so he calls the man up to the front, and asks again “you sir have had intercourse with a ghost?”. The man’s face turns bright red, and he says softly, “I’m so sorry, father. I thought you said goat.”

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