Elephant Biology

Little Max and his mum visit the local zoo for the first time.
Little Max is fascinated by all the exotic creatures he sees for the first time in real life.
He stares up the giraffes’ long necks.
Laughs at the funny monkeys.
And begs to take a cute baby bear home.
All he gets is an ice-cream. Good beginning.
They stroll along, and suddenly find themselves staring at the elephant enclosure – home to three elephant cows and one handsome elephant bull.
Max is immediately intrigued by the gentle male giant.
He admires the huge tusks.
The massive ears.
The muscly trunk.
The ever-moving tail.
The… hold on. What is that?
“Mummy, what is that between the elephant’s legs?”
Mum blushes. She opines it is way too early to offer Max an elaborate biology session, and simply mutters: “That, Max? That’s… eh… that’s nothing. Come on, let’s move on.”
And with that she pulls Max over to the lions.
Understandably, Max isn’t satisfied with the answer.
A plan is forged. As mummy doesn’t want to tell him, he drags daddy to the zoo the following weekend.
They rush past the giraffes, hardly notice the monkeys and completely ignore the bears.
Max pushes straight to the elephant enclosure, and doesn’t hold back a second.
“Daddy, what is that between the elephant’s legs?”
Dad, visibly proud to teach his son a valuable lesson, replies: “That, my son, is a penis.”
Little Max is confused. “Daddy, that’s strange, because mum said it is nothing.”
A smug grin befalls daddy’s face as he replies: “Well, my son, what can I say? In that respect your mum is simply too spoilt.”

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