Military Service

A Fox, a Rabbit and a Bear are about to be drafted into the military.

The Fox says “There is no way I’m the world I’m letting myself get drafted, we need to find a way for us to get excused. Are you guys with me?”
The Bear and the Rabbit agree.
The Fox, quickly thinking, suggests: “I’ll cut off my own tail. A Fox without a tail is useless, right?”
The Rabbit follows and says: “Well, I may not have much of a tail, but I’ll cut my ears off, nobody would want a Rabbit without ears!”
The Bear, scratching his head, mumbles: “Well, I don’t have much of neither, so I’ll just take this rock and smash my teeth out.”

Three days later the day of recruitment comes. The Fox is inspected first, the other two wait outside. A few moments later the Fox triumphantly walks out of the booth and says:
“They said a Fox without a tail wasn’t fit, so I’m not getting drafted!”
Excited, the Rabbit goes next, and after a couple of minutes he too appears and exclaims:
“Whoo! The ears really did it! They have no military use for me!”
Encouraged, the Bear goes next. After a few moments, he also comes out.
“So?” The Rabbit and Fox ask. “Did you get away too?”
The Bear replies: “Fey faid I waf too fat for duty.”

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