Pork and a Woman

A Priest and a Rabbi are sitting next to each other on a flight, and the topic naturally turns to religion
The priest says, “I understand pork is forbidden in Judaism”.

“That’s correct”, the Rabbi says.

Priest asks, “have you ever tried?”

“Well, I have to admit that yes, yes I have. I was traveling, and there were no Jewish communities nearby, so no Kosher food. I walked into a deli and had a ham sandwich. Can I ask a question? I understand that Priests are supposed to be strictly celibate. Have you ever, you know, been with a woman?”

The Priest pauses for a second, and says, “I must admit that yes I have. I was still in the seminary and there was a girl that worked in a store nearby. First we were friends, and then I succumbed to temptation. I deeply regret it.”

Rabbi says, “Beats the hell out a ham sandwich, huh?”

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