Waking up in Prison

James Bond wakes up in a strange prison cell.
His head is bursting, he feels nauseous, he’s been beaten up, he looks at his reflection in toilet bowl water and sees he has a black eye, and cuts on his face.

“Where am I? How did I get here? Who’s taken me?”, he asked himself, “I musht have been drugged, I can’t recall a thing”.

Footsteps sound outside the cell. Thinking quickly, Bond tries to come up with a cover story, “If they’re in grey uniformsh, it musht be the Easht Germansh, I’ll tell them I’m just an innocent tourisht in Berlin. If they’re in green uniformsh, it musht be the Shovietsh, and I’ll tell them I’m just an innocent importer of cavier. And if they’re in black uniformsh, they musht be Blofeld’sh men, and I’ll need to overpower them and get to the control room!”.

A man in a blue uniform walks in, “You really ought to ease up on the whisky, Mr. Connery.”

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